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Prof. Walter Waddell from ExxonMobil pays a visit to CAEM

Published£º2013-11-14    Sourse£º

Prof. Walter Waddell from ExxonMobil pays a visit to CAEM

Invited by Prof. Liqun Zhang, Prof. Walter from ExxonMobil, located in Texas of the United States visited CAEM again and gave a talk on “Evaluation of Nitrogen Inflation of Tires” in Room 1313 of Tech Mansion on Sep-19-2013. Prof. Liqun Zhang, Prof. Ming Tian, Assoc. Prof. Yiqing Wang, Sn. Engr. Hua Zou, Assoc. Prof. Jun Liu, Assoc. Prof. Nanying Ning, Dr. Runguo Wang, Dr. Zhao Wang and more than 20 graduate students of CAEM attended this academic conference, which was held by Assoc. Prof. Nanying Ning.

Prof. Walter works as a senior research associate in the Department of Special Polymer Technology, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Baytown@TX@US. He has already published more than 145 scientific papers in different kinds of scientific journals, trade magazines and books; and he has presented 135 seminars at scientific meetings, government agencies and universities; and he also published 36 United States patents. He is a member of rubber diversion of the American Chemical Society.

After introduced by Assoc. Prof. Nanying Ning, Prof. Walter introduced the differences between the tires inflated with nitrogen and air from the aspects of pressure maintaining, oxidation, durability, and fuel consumption. He introduced that the direct benefits of using nitrogen are in reducing the Tire IPLR values and resisting aging. Use of nitrogen as the inflation gas does not benefit the measured cavity gas temperature or tire rolling resistance, both of which are shown to be tire pressure dependent, but not dependent upon filling gas. At last, attendees consulted prof. Walter about some interesting questions.

After the report, Prof. Walter had some deep discussions with Assoc. Prof. Jun Liu and Assoc. Prof. Nanying Ning of CAEM.

Prof. Walter H. Waddell is giving his talk