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Korean NEXENTIRE builds partnership with CAEM

Published£º2013-11-14    Sourse£º

Korean NEXENTIRE builds partnership with CAEM

On Aug 19, 2013, Vice President Han Minxuan Korean and other three delegates of R&D department, tire industry giant NEXENTIRE payed a visit to CAEM to discuss some cooperations. NEXENTIRE is a Korean prestigious tire enterprise, and has accumulated knowledge and technology for more than 70 years since its establishment in 1942. The company made a more dramatic development after being renamed “NEXENTIRE” from “Wooseong Tire”. The market share of NEXENTIRE in Korean domestic car market increased to 30% from less than 8% by 2012 and built 205 marketing agencies in 130 countries.

Prof. Liqun Zhang extended welcome to Han Minxuan and the delegates of NEXENTIRE. In a friendly atmosphere, the representatives of both sides discussed some cooperation opportunities and reached some agreements on the following two aspects: I) to achieve the sustainable development in Chinese market, NEXENTIRE needs some professional supports especially those with high-end leadership. CAEM can recommend some high-end technical personnel and professional personnel to NEXENTIRE while CAEM is also a very important reseach center outputting excellent reseach talents in the elastomer science and technology field; II) the two sides agree to do some cooperative R&D on the technological areas of common interest.

After the discussion, Han Minxuan and other delegates were accompanied to visit CAEM, and Prof. Liqun Zhang introduced the current research advances of CAEM.

Prof. Liqun Zhang is introducing the research achievements of CAEM to Han Minxuan and other delegates.